An aspiring polyglot Tech Professional from Bangladesh who loves to search, analyze and implement the trends of modern technology to real-life problems. My current focus is on implementing serverless computing using next-generation technology & concepts because I believe this is the long term future of the software industry. However, I also have great interest & passion in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain. In a nutshell, my career goal is to solve the next generation challenges technologically, design scalable products & innovate better ways to automate future those will make the world a better place for all.


Software Engineer
Shift Plus Inc. Japan (July 2018 – Current)

I am working with an AI chatbot solution to give better customer support targeting the game industry. Although the project is still in beta condition, it got some important clients. With my AI & Development knowledge, I am giving Full-Stack Support.

  • (July 2019 – Now)
    => Learning Vue.js Trying to Implement it in the Frontend of an Existing Project.
    => Studying Ruby on Rails as it is necessary for almost everywhere in Japan.
  • (February 2019 – June 2019)
    => Customizing UI/UX using React.js & Javascript ES6
    => Making user’s Chat Log Database using REST API, Python Django Framework & MongoDB.
  • (November 2018 – January 2019)
    => Full-Stack AI Chatbot development from Required Definition to Implementation & testing using & React JS Frontend, Google’s DialogFlow API, Express Backend Framework
    => Made a mini chatbot using IBM Watson API.
  • (July 2018 – October 2018)
    => Customization of the UX & Frontend of AI Chatbot to add more values & better customer experience.
    => Adding more features to the existing product’s website such as sending product brochure automatically to client’s email upon request, smooth scrolling, hamburger menu, etc.

Full-Stack Developer
Upwork.com (April 201o – June 2018)

Since 8 years is a long time & UpWork inc. is a freelance marketplace, I faced tons of career transitions and responsibility changes. According to my roles & responsibilities, I divided the whole period into 3 parts.

  • (2015 – 2018)
    => Made some small Machine Learning Tools such as weather forecast, image recognition etc. using Python 3.
    => Developed a Bank loan analysis ML algorithm & pseudo code using Python 3 for an existing project.
    => Made some dynamic websites using Django Framework in backend & Javascript in Frontend.
  • (2013 – 2015)
    => Made 25 websites from required definition & system design to implementation phase using WordPress.
    => PSD to HTML responsive Frontend Design using Bootstrap or Materialize CSS & Frontend customization of active websites using Jquery or Raw javascript.
    => For WordPress sites, I also gave SEO support to some of the websites using Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • (2010 – 2012)
    => Both Responsive & Non-responsive template design from requirement definition to implementation period using HTML, HTML5, CSS & CSS3.
    => SEO & Content Development support for individual clients.


I like to call myself an expert of Javascript & Python. But in my long career, I needed to learn & use different languages in different situation. Besides, like every developer I also use frameworks, libraries, tools & environment according to the project requirements. And I always try to learn at least 2-3 new things every year. However, here I am sharing my technology learning & usage timeline in a nutshell.

  • (July 2019 – Now)
    => Learning PyTorch by Facebook AI Team from the Udacity. { Course Link }
    => Learning Vue.js & Nuxt.js to Take Fronted Development to Next Level.
    => For Backend this year’s goal is to develop a project using  Ruby on Rails.
    => Studying Adobe XD to design fronted from Scratch ideas.
  • (July 2018 – June 2019)
    => Learned & Customized UI / UX for Japanese Chatbot using React.js & Redux.
    => Developed Google’s Dialogflow API using Node.js & connected to existing React.js frontend. { Portfolio: Live / GitHub }
    => Learned a React Native & Firebase and develop and active Food Review Mobile App { Portfolio: Play Store / Apple Store }
  • (July 2015 – June 2018)
    => Got interested in AI & studied basic Machine Learning, Data Science & AI.
    => Started investing on Blockchain & also tried to learn the technical aspcet of it.
    => Started writing code using Python including its packages & frameworks. (ie. Django, Tkinter, TensorFlow, Pandas, Numpi)
    => Started taking my Javascript skill to next level, learned Typescript and Angular.js. { Portfolio: Live / GitHub }
    => Worked on AWS S3 Bucket including boto 3 framework.
    => Learned Version Control System using Git & also learned using GitHub hosting.
    => Learned NoSql Database using MongoDB
  • (July 2013- June 2015)
    => Frontend Template Design with Bootstrap. { Portfolio: Live / GitHub }
    => Started Learning Frontend Javasctipt with ES6 syntax. { Portfolio: Live / GitHub }
    => Learned & Used Jquery Library for Some Projects.
    => Learned PHP (Focused on WordPress Customization).
    => Learned Raw Object Orinented PHP for some projects.
    => Learned relational database using MySQL.
  • (July 2010- June 2012)
    => PSD to HTML Template Conversion.
    => Learned HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Design.
    => Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom. { Portfolio: Flickr / Pixabay }
    => Started designing WordPress websites & uploaded them to cPanel using FileZilla as FTP client.
  • (July 2008- June 2010)
    => Started learning Programming through my ‘University Course’. (C Programming).
    => Data Structure & Algorithm Using C (University Course: 1st Year, 2nd Semester ).
    => Data Structure & Algorithm Using C++ (University Course: 2nd Year, 1st Semester).
    => Basic Web Designing Using HTML & CSS. { Portfolio: Live / GitHub }
    => Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics & Google Webmaster (Now: Search Console) Tool.


Bangla (বাংলা) – Native
English – IELTS (Score: 7.0)
Japanese (日本語) – JLPT N4
Hindi – Listening


Master of Science in Information & Technology, 2018
IIT, Jahangirnagar University

Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2013
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology


Publication: Performance Analysis of a Coherent Chaos-shift Keying Technique
Date of Conference: 22-24 Dec. 2012